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George Papas, MD -  - General Practitioner

George Papas, MD

General Practitioner located in San Diego, CA

At his state-of-the-art office in University Heights, Dr. Papas helps patients throughout the San Diego area fight off acute and chronic infections, strengthening the immune system and eradicating harmful pathogens so patients can feel healthy again.

Infections Q&A

What causes infections to occur?

Infections occur when bacteria, viruses or fungi invade the body and overwhelm the immune system, resulting in tissue inflammation, pus formation, fever and other issues. They can occur for a variety of reasons, depending on the type of organism and the area of the body that's involved. While some minor infections can be successfully overcome by the body's natural immune system, many infections require careful and often aggressive medical treatment to keep them under control and prevent them from spreading to other tissues and causing widespread damage.

How are infections treated?

First, Dr. Papas will perform an exam to determine the cause of an infection. He may order blood work to measure the level of white blood cells and other immune-related biomarkers to assess the extent of the infection. Blood tests can also help determine what type of pathogen is causing the infection. Based on his findings, he may order oral antibiotics, injections or other types of medication or treatment to help build up the immune system and kill off the pathogens. 

What are some of the common signs or symptoms of infection?

Infections can cause different symptoms depending on where they're located; for instance, a urinary tract infection can cause pain or difficulty with urination. Infections in the lungs can cause chronic coughing and problems breathing. Skin or joint infections may cause warmth, redness or swelling in the area of the infection. Gut infections can cause diarrhea, cramping, bloating or vomiting. Many infections cause achiness and fever that can range from a persistent low-grade fever to a significant rise in temperature. If you feel you may have an infection, being evaluated is important to ensure the infection doesn't spread to other areas.

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We accept most major insurance plans including HMO, PPO, Tricare, and Medicare. Please contact our office if you have any questions.

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